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The Best Food at Great World City

When visiting Great World City, make sure to spend some time trying out the local food. There are a number of different restaurants to choose from. For a sample of some of the local fare, check out the website of the mall. It will tell you which ones are available in each location. The best places to find authentic Indonesian food are the restaurants run by native Indonesian chefs. Try the Tauhu Telor (bean curd), which is a dish prepared by the chef's family. This golden tower is fried in a batter and drizzled with a spicy-sweet dark sauce. The taste is very good, and the texture is similar to that of air-fried foods.

The ramen at Great World is legendary. This noodle bar has won many awards in Tokyo, and it was recently crowned "No. 1 Ramen in Japan." You can now find two varieties of ramen in this mall, including oyster broth. Another popular choice is Eng's Char Siew Wantan Mee. This traditional Chinese dish is served in an unpretentious but delicious way. If you're not hungry, don't worry. There are plenty of other options nearby, and the food at Great World is varied enough for the entire family.

For a delicious coffee fix, stop by MAVRX Coffee Bar in the office lobby. TheĀ  food at great world city menu includes many different coffees, including a chai latte, cappuccino, and chai latte. At $5.50, you can order the genmaicha latte, which is a mix of Japanese green tea and roasted popped brown rice. The result is a rich, mellow tea that tastes great.

For some great street food, check out the Thai restaurant Bangkok Jam. This Japanese-style restaurant was first opened in Singapore in 2007. Since then, it has won several prestigious awards. The latest version of this award-winning ramen is the Oyster Ramen. For a tasty noodle, order the fried oyster ramen. This dish has won numerous awards in Japan, and it's now available in two varieties.

Aside from this, Great World City has a few more new restaurants. A new food court located on the third level of the mall serves Japanese food. There is a Starbucks, a McDonald's, and a Japanese grocery store called Meidi-Ya. The latter is smaller than its Liang Court counterpart, but offers more Japanese products. A second food court is located on the lower level of the office tower.

The new additions to the Great World mall include 50 new tenants. A new restaurant in Singapore, Goobne Chicken Korea is among the most popular of these, but you can also find a variety of F&B concepts in the mall. The Korean ramen is a new addition to the Singapore market. The restaurant offers a large selection of Japanese delicacies. Its Japanese noodle shop is in the basement of the mall.

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